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Infrastructure Assessments

Sullecon knowledgeable and experienced professionals can plan, deploy, and implement total IT infrastructure assessments to all industries. Sullecon uses a "big picture" methodology while deploying infrastructure assessments. That is, we assess and study the aggregate picture of an organization.

First, we meet with senior managers to determine organizational business objectives. Then, we begin the Infrastructure assessment to determine if the current technology in place is positioning the company at an optimal level of performance. In other words, Sullecon will determine if your company is getting the "best bang for your buck" regarding your IT infrastructure. If Sullecon determines that the current technology in place is not favorable for generating high levels of customer satisfaction, generating optimal revenue streams, or realizing a ROI, we will work with you to plan, design, and implement an e-business model and IT infrastructure that can help you optimize e-business value, generate revenue streams, reach higher levels of customer satisfaction, and realize ROI.

Sullecon offers a two-phase infrastructure assessment consulting service.

Sullecon Methodology and Infrastructure Assessments
  • Research
  • Identify
  • Environmental Analysis and Assessment
  • Performance Analysis and Data Measurement
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Value
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Design
  • Implementations/IT Project Management
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Performance Analysis and Data Measurement
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Training and Follow-up
  • Continued Customer Relationship


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