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Sullecon, Inc. Professional Cloud / Storage / App Consulting

Sullecon has knowledgeable and experienced Senior Cloud / Storage Architect and Senior Storage Engineers that can plan, design, architect, engineer, deploy, and implement total Cloud, Storage and infrastructure assessments and solutions.

Sullecon Services:

Sullecon provides quality services, expertise, support and value in but not limited to the following areas:

  • Cloud Architect, Storage Architect and Storage Engineer services.
  • Sullecon performs cloud and infrastructure assessments at any stage in the infrastructure and cloud project life cycle and identifies gaps between your current infrastructure and ecosystems and a proposed optimal advanced infrastructure and cloud solution. Our approach and methodologies give you viable and feasible cloud alternatives with the potential to deliver an increase in ROI, cloud value optimization, and profit maximization along with horizontal scaling. We utilize the right infrastructure for the workload. By taking advantage of the technology that is available in the marketplace today, the enterprise can utilize both internal systems, private clouds and or public cloud solutions. We are vendor agnostic and integrate products from multiple vendors..
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer provisioning arrays and servers, migrating data from source to target storage arrays
  • Proficiency in trouble shooting and provisioning from source arrays to target arrays
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer services supporting migrations and SAN allocations
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer services for SAN engineer on the Fabric and switch level for maintenance and configurations
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer Utilizing HDS Hi Command V 7, HDS Storage Navigator, EMC Unisphere, EMC Navisphere, NetApp command-line, for LUN creation, LDEV creation, volume creation, volume allocation and zoning storage
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer utilized DCFM and BNA for zoning and fabric maintenance
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer services for generating and formulating storage LUN management metrics and projections
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer capacity management creating forecasts and projecting growth for a data components
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer Supporting migration of legacy servers and data to main production data centers
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer assigning storage via Hitachi Universal Storage Platform (USP-V or USP-VM), Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS), Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP),Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage, Hitachi High-performance NAS (HNAS).
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer services generating and analyzing reports via (SANSCREEN) OnCommand Insight Reporting Tool
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer services analyzing reports and provided forecasts and current metrics to meet supply and demand and future growth and storage provisioning
  • Storage Architect and Storage Engineer services providing capacity management on such metrics as port utilization, file systems, array performance, port capacity, volume capacity, storage capacity (RAW and allocated), available and allocatedAlign IT with Corporate Goals
  • Align IT with Corporate Goals
  • Storage Assessments
  • Formulate and implement strategies to create efficiencies and savings within your organization (i.e. support contracts, systems review, maximizing service and support)
  • Senior UNIX and Linux consulting, coaching and mentoring
  • Server consolidation & migration, data center migrations, system architect, cloud architect, IT Architect, disaster recovery, BIA, and applications architect
  • Senior Linux, UNIX (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Tru 64, Linux, Red Hat) Engineering
  • Enterprise Server Deployments. (SUN, IBM, HP, Compaq, SGI, Gateway, DELL)
  • Infrastructure Assessments, Systems Integration and IT Project Management
  • e-business Solutions (i.e. SUN ONE iPlanet, JDBC, Java, IBM WebSphere)
  • Security Management, Disaster Recovery Management
  • Conduct team lead kick-off meetings with all pertinent stakeholders and utilize Microsoft Project to manage migrations.
  • Analyze infrastructure related to applications and associated system and performance parameters.
  • Utilize strategies such as virtualization, capacity planning, application migrations, server consolidations (enterprise servers on - UNIX (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), , zLinux, z/VM, Linux, VMware, SAN, NAS and Wintel platforms, transformations and data center migrations.
  • Conduct application interviews and application assessments for client data center migration projects.
  • Successfully translate business challenges for large scale project into requirements and solutions.
  • Formulate, plan, create and design technical questionnaire to probe client and collect and analyze system and application information.
  • Develop methodologies for each project based on client challenges, business requirements, technical requirements, and technology requirements.
  • Identify business and technical constraints.
  • Identify risks and mitigate risks.
  • Proficiency in designing and architecting, server centric source software stacks.
  • Proficiency in designing and architecting, storage centric source software stacks.
  • Lead, collaborate and work effectively and efficiently within various organization and business units from a function, enterprise and technical perspective.
  • Provide expertise in working through software, hardware and infrastructure issues from development, build, support, management,trouble shooting and root cause analysis.
  • Formulate, identify, and validate requirements and design and architect solution for applications, software, hardware, storage, migrations, transformations, remediationís, consolidations and virtualization throughout the entire project life cycle and software development cycle from an architect and engineer perspective.
  • Conduct source discovery of environments. Discover source environments at client sites and data centers.
  • Design target environments. Formulate and architect target design solutions and deliverables at target data centers.
  • Efficiently plan, formuate, and design technical solution design documents and target server / host solution including storage for migrations and transformation projects.
  • Architectural consolidations ragning from commercial off the Shelf (COTS), WebSphere, WebLogic, Siteminder, and on-site and in-house applications, messaging, interprocess communications, application communication, storage, middleware, customer code, and hardware and software onto logical and physical partitions, physical and logical moves, transformations, P2V, / virtual machines, P2P, and P2V.
  • Efficiently plan, formuate, and design technical solution design documents and target server / host solution including storage for migrations and transformation projects.
  • Perform architectural consolidations of software stack analysis and design of target software stack ranging from Middleware, EAI, SOA, three tier apps, Application Server & Data Access, Reporting, Enterprise Information Integration, Web Portals, Web Servers, Application Servers, Business Intelligence, Data warehouses, Document & Knowledge Management, Databases (SIDs), OLAP Servers, Application authentications, custom application code and code assessment (such as IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Oracle application server and Apache).


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